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Continuing Ed Tracker Product Tour

Continuing Ed Tracker Product Tour
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    Continuing Ed Tracker's Main Menu provides easy access to all functions of the software.

    NOTE: Not all features shown are available in the LITE version of the software.
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    Use the License module to enter basic information about the various licenses held by your employees including the continuing education requirements for each license. Click a license on the left to view details about each license.

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    The Licensed Attendees tab gives you a quick view of which employees hold a particular license. Sort the list by Active Licenses, License due to expire, Expired Licenses or view all.

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    With one click, print a report based on the criteria you entered on the Licensed Attendees screen.

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    License and Renewals Menu gives you quick access to the information you need. With one click, easily print reports or send email notifications to employees.

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    From the View Expiring Licenses, Licenses Ready To Renew or Licenses Not Renewed screens, you can print a report, view details or send an email notification to the attendee.

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    Email notifications sent will include an attachment showing credits received and credits still needed to renew the license selected.

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    The easy to use search screen gives you great flexibility when formulating your search queries. After running your search, you can sort and print your search results, or select Form View to view the details of a particular record in your search results box.

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    The Attendees Menu gives you quick and easy access to update an attendee record, view and update attendee licenses, and register an attendee for a seminar.

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    The well organized attendee screen is packed with functionality and information. Easily view and manage licensing information, contact information, seminar attendendance, credits received and needed, and more.

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    In the Requirements For License box, the View Credits button will show details about how the credits were earned.

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    When you select Add, View or Renew to manage attendee licenses. A popup screen will assist you in adding, viewing or renewing a license. Enter a date renewed and CET will automatically calculate the expiration date based on the license criteria set.

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    View a list of seminars attended. The Registration Details button is available to easily view and manage information about the seminar attendance.

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    The Attendee Search screen gives you great flexibility in formulating your search criteria. With a few clicks, view a list of attendees who have not fulfilled their license renewal requirements, or those who have fulfilled their requirements and are ready to renew. Sort, view and print your search results.

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    You can register an attendee for a seminar from the Attendee Menu. The registration screen allows you to select which sessions were attended, print certificates, print mailing labels, send email notifications and much more.

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    The Seminar Menu allows you to manage seminar and seminar registration information.

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    Select a seminar from the list on the left to view details. The List of Sessions shows a breakdown of the course offered and the credits that can be received.

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    The Attendance List button will show a list of attendees.

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    The Show Sessions Attended/Show Seminar Attendance buttons toggle attendance details.

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    The seminar search screen offers great flexibility in searching seminar and seminar registration information. From this screen you can sort, view and print your search results.

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    Click Print Results from the search screen to select the type of report you would like to print. Each search screen in CET offers several print options giving you great reporting flexibility.

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    From the Attendee or Seminar menus, click Add New Registration to register attendees for a seminar. From the popup screen, simply select all of the attendees you wish to register and click Register Selected Attendees.

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    From the Seminar Attendance screen, enter the date registered and payment information. Credits are automatically applied to Attendee record for all Sessions attended. From the Seminar Attendance screen, you can send email confirmations, print certificates, and more.

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    The Search Menu offers access to the search screens to help you find the information you need. Each search screen gives you access to hundreds of reports pre-defined in CET.

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    Quick Reports have been loaded into CET for fast and easy access to the information most often requested. Report Generator links provide access to search screens with more advanced reports.

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    Select a Quick Report from the list to view and print your report instantly.

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